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BB30/4 – Standard Materials

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BB30/4 – Standard Materials

Ball Skate

A Skate length 175175
B longitud del patín 152152
C la altura del patín 4444
CAPACIDAD 22001000 lbkg

Lightweight & Durable Construction
1000kg (2240lbs) Load per Skate
Parking Brake Standard
Corrosion Resisting S/S Balls

Load Plate – BL2
Ideal where flat or wide surfaces require increased support. Easy push fit & removal utilising central hole in skate.

Pry Bar – BP2
Use to lift or lever items & fit/ remove ball skates. Heavy duty 2-piece design for ease of transport.

Shelving Tie Brackets – BS2
Ball skates are ideal to move laden connected shelving aisles. Use universal tie brackets to secure upper areas of connected gondola shelving.

Ball transfer skates engage with cantilever supermarket shelving legs allowing entire (laden) aisles with each train section weighing up to 3000kg (6720lbs) each to be moved quickly. Once the train of aisles has been moved, they can be securely locked using the parking brake / locking unit.

Ball transfer skates are a multi-directional alternative to typical Gondola Shelving Dollies.

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