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C15 Fixing Clip

Stainless Steel Fixing Clip

A Bore ⌀ Min/Max 0.976-0.98424.8-25.0
B Unit body diameter 0.94524
WEIGHT 0.0220.01 lbkg
Increased fitted height 0.0120.3 mm

Fixing Clips

K-clips – Spring Steel

C-clips – Stainless Steel


Compensate for irregularities in bore & diameter.

Ideal where only single-sided access of mounting surface is reachable.


Adding suffix K or C to ball unit part number will specify supply of the optional clip (eg L22K or L22C). When using clips, fit the clip to the bore & then push the ball unit through the clip. Peripheral tags expand & securely retain the ball unit.

Dimensions A & B change to A* & B* when using clips.

Tolerance ring & full clip options shown on page 15 of the catalogue.

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Standard Stock Item –
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Standard Stock Item –
Immediate Despatch From Stock

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